Sometimes you have to give first in order to feel better!

My children wanted ice cream when we were outside earlier. I wasn’t in the best mood. I got three scoops of ice cream, and before I paid, the lady asked, “do you want an extra cup”, I said sure. We all shared. I started to pay and saw there was a charge for the extra cup, she said, our boss makes us charge. I thought it must be a different life working at as a young person in an ice cream store. I saw their tip jar was empty so I put a dollar tip in there, the lady was so happy. It made me feel good that I did something nice, even though I wasn’t in a good mood. Even better, the deed began to change my mood. And as we were leaving, I said to a nice elder lady sitting alone, “I hope you have a wonderful day mam.” Her smile glimmered. In situations where we don’t feel like doing good but we still do, has the capacity to change our own internal mood. By doing good, we become grateful for the strength we gain even through a negative feeling. This positivity in action has the ability to make us feel better than our past negative mood.

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