Never Give Up – Keep On Trying!

I have held these three words, “Never Give Up” close to my heart but, it’s been an ephemeral thought not necessarily a mindset. Finally, I’m making this mantra part of my being.

Many of us, often stop trying or give up right before we reach the pinnacle of our goal. Whatever the aspiration might be, the focus should be on becoming perseverant, to move ahead in a state of grace to our purpose.

We all have small goals, and big goals, but the essence is to maintain the mindset through faith in ourselves, whatever the size of the goal is. I’m learning that the way to do this is through, a shift in the way we think and do.

Our habits can always be improved through the forming of new actions. Sometimes, we get caught up in the small goals that we forget about the big picture, the purpose! Each of us should strive to find our purpose, and once found we should do everything in our ability to fulfill that purpose.

Life is too short for lethargy, or excessive thought, we must be in our actions and never give up, regardless of the hardships that will surely come our way during each step.

Keep on trying as God will help you when you invest your tireless efforts into your goals.

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