All action comes from thought!

Anytime we want to do something, we have to think it first, then do it. May it even be the most minuscule thing like taking a bite of food, there’s a signal of a thought in the brain that says I want to take a bite, so then you do.

It could also be a huge action/decision, like marriage. We think deeply about it, then take action on it when we’re ready. I’ve been thinking about this truth for a while (action comes from thought), and how we can convert this into better actions and happy results for our life.

There are many actions, choices and eventually decisions we take each and every day of our lives. We can take our lives a step further by consciously realizing our more important thoughts before we act in real life.

This simple yet defining step of knowing what you are actually thinking can be liberating in itself. It’s also a tenet of mindfulness. When we know what we think, we can begin to have better control over our thoughts and hence, actions.

Each action we take, that comes from thought, can be eye opening if we know what we’re going to do. Choose action with inner wisdom.

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