Robin Williams – 5 years

It’s still so shocking to me that a person who touched the world in so many beautiful ways was suffering deep inside. It’s apparent that many of us in this world go through our own pains, but why is it still a stigma in some areas of the world to be having mental health issues? Why can’t we all accept the fact that all of us go through a certain amount of struggle in life? Different people deal with issues differently, based on the individual circumstances. It’s okay to have mental health issues.

As a global society, we must accept these issues and be able to openly discuss with anyone without hesitation. None of us should suffer, we all have the right to be happy, free and in peace. We should start our efforts to have broad acceptance of this in our community’s, by sharing our stories with people who understand and have the decision making power to instill acceptance of mental health issues in each persons community. It all starts with each individual, who can help this new age awakening towards mental health awareness.

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