Does showing off mean your insecure? Do we have unconditional love for ourselves?

From both sides, I’ve seen the insecurities fly out of the mouth, the eyes, and body language. The first side is my own. The other side is that of people who are showing off to cover up their insecurities.

Even the others I have seen trying to boast proudly about their material wealth have some hidden trouble, insecurity or reason. I believe that regardless of why you’re showing off, the cause is really an insecurity of some kind.

We should try to understand ourselves better, by analyzing the root of why we say what we say to whom we say. If we can get to the weed of “why” we want to show off to anyone, then we can begin to free ourselves from our ego, our fear, our shortcomings and truly begin to accept ourselves without bias for who we really are.

This is the basis of spiritual progress, when we begin to love ourselves unconditionally, then the craving to show off starts to dissipate. This is is just one essential variable of our human nature in contemporary society.

It’s the “why” behind the compulsion to boast, that can awaken us into our truest selves.

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