Keep your spirits high!

Being overwhelmed or sick of any circumstance or any activity of life is the first step of diving into negativity. May it be negative experiences, bad reactions, stress of too much to do, or being burnt out etc, whatever the cause, it can be SOLVED!

We focus so much of our energy on problems or negativity, which brings our spirits down. How do we elevate our spirits? How do we gather inspiration? It’s not a simple task but, its possible.

I’ve found that the repetition of a positive feeling or emotion can be ingrained in our heart, mind and spirit with an associated trigger. We should be able to manifest that feeling anytime by remembering a trigger thought that brings that feeling to the surface in our mind and heart. It can be anything, like eating pizza could be your trigger. The moment you think about the savory, hot, melting pizza, it reminds you to feel satiated with whatever you have in your life. It’s a reminder of gratitude.

This gratefulness can take your spirit to the ethereal space of heaven within your being, here on earth. The more important the trigger, the better the binding of the feeling can become. Make that trigger thought your new best friend, it can help to keep those spirits high especially in everyday types of situations.

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