Remember the blessings when you’re down!

Often, many of us face challenging situations or experiences. Our outlook becomes tainted because of what we are in the midst of. It’s so easy to not remember good things when you’re down.

We can easily get immersed in the negative. Although, if we surround ourselves with positive people, a supportive environment, and an open minded self then the sadness slowly starts to melt away, just like how the lustrous Sun melts the chilly ice caps of negativity away.

As we acknowledge with gratitude, ANY blessings we can think of, that we currently have and have had in our lifetime thus far, the goodness starts to find its way into our hearts and minds.

The tough experiences or anxious situations become less difficult as we remember the good memories, the blessings in disguise, and the foundation upon which we have entered this ubiquitous universe as a human being.

Sadness is a state, just like happiness. We must delve deeper into the realm of blessings we’ve experienced so that the vicious hold of sadness is lost and the expansive ocean of happiness take its place.

Here is a link to some positive quotes!

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