Don’t forget your intention!

I was haphazard the other day because I was concerned about a potential future outcome. The worry, stress, fear and insecurities took me over and all of a sudden I was lost.

In order to compose myself again, it took a lot of realization and much effort. I meditated a few minutes while parked, in my car, and tried to calm my palpitating heart. It was a journey to the pure heart, emotions, thoughts and fears.

After I calmed myself, it then occurred to me that I had absolutely forgotten my true intention. In the heat of the worry, I forgot that my intent is to help myself, others, and to try to make everyone one around me feel good!

How could I be worried about the small things and forget about the top priorities, which is to purely give what I can without any expectation. Situations arise out of no where, but our response to those situations is up to us.

We don’t have to be compelled by our minds, we can be compelled by remembering our truest intentions that live in the heart and the mind. It’s just a matter of keeping the spark of intentions lit in the lucid meadows of our heart.

With this attachment to our most sincere intentions, we become free from our fearful and intimidating realms of the inner most crevices of our minds and hearts.

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