Emotions change our mood!

It’s so easy to get entangled in our emotions, which can easily confound our mood. I ruminated on this topic a bit, and it seems to me that even the slightest change in emotions can bring about a drastic mood swing.

This happens because we allow ourselves to get effected by some of our emotions. If it’s a feeling of sadness, then our mood tends to become low, we lose energy. If it’s a happy emotion, our mood is usually in high spirits. People’s moods are ruled by their emotions.

Why do we let emotions allow the roller coaster of moods to take off? Is it habit? Is it human nature? Or is it simply our reaction to our feelings? For years, we have allowed a frown on our face to last for a long time, because of that daunting feeling that established its place in our heart.

I believe that it’s not only, habit, human nature, and reactions but the fact that we allow our negative emotions to dominate our mood.

This can be changed, with simple attention to our emotions and bringing about self-compassion in our hearts. This can lead to freedom from our negativity and from living in a bad, depressed mood.

We shouldn’t allow our mood to get us down, a bad mood may dawn on us from time to time, but the solution to stay positive lies within our attention inside.


emotions change mood
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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