Be Patient with Yourself!

So often we get frustrated, disheartened, or demotivated because of this simple fact: that we are not patient with ourselves.

Just earlier today, I tried meditating when I was tensioned. I was feeling anxious and worried about the future. I lost complete sight of the present, and of my self.

I believe all of us have the capability to be resilient with ourselves and our situations. It’s a matter of slowing down, and feeling the pulsations of your heart, your entire being and even the loud sensations your mind brings about.

I once read that “patience with self is confidence.” So when the self that’s immersed in the situation at hand is stressed, just breath deeply, look within, and most of all feel your body, then regather yourself.

You’ll be amazed the sense of peace, confidence and clarity that arises even in the most harsh moments of life. This can take a mere minute and you can become patient with the self’s reaction to your situations.

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