Cherish your food with Mindfulness!

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I was fathomed, and was stuffing my mouth during a meal with my Father. Since childhood, he has been telling me to slow down while eating my food. I finally connected the dots. Hunger is fleeting.

The hunger depends on how often we feed ourselves. If we are hungry often, then we usually don’t get to experience the texture, tastes and juices that flow into our mouth because we are so caught up with satiating our stomachs.

I figured out the trick to mindful eating, it is to frequently feed yourself so that the experience of eating can be a beautiful physical, mental and emotional pleasure.

It’s true, the types of food we eat play a huge role on our body’s, minds and emotions. We should all (parents and children) attempt to chew our food deliberately, with the intent of filling our minds with happy positive synapses of feeling the tastes and nutrition pervading our whole body, mind, heart and soul.

Mindfulness practice discusses this beautiful experience in more depth. Nourish your being.

Check out more information at The Center for Mindful Eating.

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