Untying the knots of my child and myself!

Earlier today, I was untying the knots my four year old had made in his soccer shoes. I had a rough afternoon and was very frustrated.

I had to figure out how to untie my own knots first. The simple correlation, of untying his shoes to untying the knot of my mood gave me comfort.

Even though, I’m his Father, I realized I can’t always be positive, after all I’m human. I was about to pass off the shoe to my wife to open, then I thought, no I almost got it.

I finally kept trying and eventually untied his laces.

I had a release and was somehow freed from my negative mood and things turned around. I did some mediation and gratitude prayers. I was back on track. Small efforts, can sometimes fix big problems.


Photo by Victor Freitas on Pexels.com

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