Treating toddlers with love and patience!

Today, I saw a little toddler crying on the sidewalk outside. His mother was about 20ft ahead of him, and she was counting to 3 to make him come to her. He was complaining that he couldn’t walk.

I thought, is that how I treat my kids sometimes? I think it’s not right to make a child cry to the point of suffering, if we can help it. Sometimes we have to let go of our own anger and stress, then focus on the child’s betterment. Maybe the mother was stressed about him not being able to walk.

I vowed that if my children were ever crying to the point of it being uncontrollable, I will just give them love, understanding, patience and attention instead of drowning in my own tension. I can’t judge another mother based on a glimpse of what I saw, but I can definitely learn from it.

Treat toddlers with lots of love, and attention so that they know they are valuable to you, they have no other way of gauging your love.

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