What looked like Fear!

I was walking in Target and my eyes caught the look of a lady, walking with three children. It could have been the moment, but her eyes were filled with what seemed like fear.

You never know what is going on in the midst of anyone’s life, it made me think that we should all give a benefit of the doubt.

There are endless situations that human beings go through, and the intriguing part is, each scenario is unique. Not only because that person has a different perception and sets of experiences that define their personality, but also because this society has become victim to our individual circumstances and thinking.

If we could all have control over every thought and emotion every moment, then we wouldn’t qualify as being human. These situations, thoughts etc. are expressed in our body as a “look”, “tone”, or some kind of “body language”.

The next time we see someone going through a tough moment, day or year, we should try to give them a smile or even hope that everything will be okay.

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