Paving the path to Mindfulness!

Mindfulness is a popular topic of the times. Some of us so badly want freedom from our thoughts, whereas others go on living on autopilot (following habits without awareness).

How do we delve deeper into our awareness? It is the all knowing self that is the cement to paving the path to Mindfulness.

We can enhance our consciousness first, through the little step of being aware of our breath. Then by perspicaciously, seeing the jewels in the caves of our mind and heart through the lens of self-introspection.

If we can travel deeper inside then we learn to “just be” because we come to know what exists there.

When this in-sight is intricately viewed, we eventually free ourselves from the bondage of this body’s reactions, thoughts, feelings and emotions. The Mindfulness starts becoming possible as we cycle through the miraculous self .

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