People make up words!

Since the history of man kind, sounds, words and meanings given to those words have been made by humans.

I was visiting the San Diego Safari Park, and I read the name of a snake species, it amused me because I could barely announce it. It made me wonder, how people came up with these names and named a certain species of animals.

I then mused back to my tween years when I used the word “positivity” and my girlfriend at the time used to say that’s not a word. I said, “well, people make up words and meanings all the time, why can’t I?”

Later in the years, I’m glad I made up words and meanings because it gave me a sense of confidence and creativity. I thought why shouldn’t I be more secure in how I explicate things.

We should never let anyone make us feel insecure for any reason. Sometimes it’s the small things in life that augment our confidence.

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