The unspoken emotion!

I was at an amusement park with my family today.

The belt for a ride swiveled around my hand. The ride attendant didn’t seem to be in a good mood by the look of his face and just quickly belted me in, right when I was about to put the belt in the socket.

I thought, I don’t know what he’s going through so I should just let it go, smile, say thanks and move on.

It’s easy to have it your way, if I would have sternly, yet simply said don’t worry I’ll do it, then the chances are the ride attendant would’ve internalized his emotions further.

Sometimes when things are bad, a little knee jerk from an outsider can make it worse. May it be something that’s really small, it can affect you negatively and make the emotion worse.

Instead of having it my way, I just let it go and read the “unspoken emotion” of that person. It made me feel better and I’m sure he didn’t know the difference. The small actions are often the best way to improve yourself.

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