Musing on a fish!

I was musing on a fish in an aquarium and was trying to feel my belly (a type of meditation I’m learning from my Guru) and it made me think this poor fish can’t meditate the same way I can.

I felt so blessed to be human but at the same time felt compassion for the fish. We don’t realize what we have until we lose it.

This human life is so ephemeral, it’s there one minute gone the next. We should use some of our time as humans to spiritually progress.

We shouldn’t leave it until the end of the road and then regret later. Initiative to bring about the best in ourselves should be one of life’s priorities.

The fish eats, rests and releases his waste. We do the same, but we possess other abilities to use our mind, body, heart and emotions. Let’s hope the fish gets a shell like us one day.

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