How could I envy the Guru?

Sometime back, to my surprise, I felt a sense of jealousy in my being. I didn’t believe who it was towards, my guru! This disgusted me, it made me realize that I had yet not gained true confidence.

It was just a synapse of envy, but, I felt it. How could I envy the Guru, who has given me an abundance of love, inspiration, and spiritual knowledge? Perhaps, I felt I wasn’t as intelligent as him.

Then I thought, hold on, why do I even have an iota of jealousy within? I should be confident in myself and know that whatever qualities God has blessed me with are sufficient to live my life happily.

I recognized my own characteristics and traits and then started to feel better about myself. All of us have different traits and experiences that define us, so how why would I even try to compare.

I promised myself that if I ever felt anything similar, I would remind myself to be absolutely confident in my abilities and traits. I wouldn’t compare to Any other, I would be satisfied and grateful for whatever I do have, and focus on only that, the things I have and not on things I don’t have.

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