Ups and Downs!

I was doing Qi-Gong (an ancient Chinese practice similar to Tai Chi) earlier today and I observed myself being overly happy (which is a good feeling when it’s there but it also can create anxiety when that feeling is gone).

Then I remembered that I heard once, that we shouldn’t feel too high or too low in good times or bad times. So whatever phase we’re going through, good or bad, we should try to maintain our mental balance, so that when any challenging time comes we are in the habit of being balanced.

Life brings about the unexpected and sometimes it’s a boon but sometimes it’s the opposite.

Dealing with it appropriately in our mind gives solace to ourselves and also sets us up to be happy in good times and bad, balance brings about happiness and most of all contentment in any phase of life. I imagine contentment is a good feeling, mixed in with happiness.

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