Awake with hope!

I was going through my day and remembered a message that I read on my phone. It was about how there are no guarantees or warranties in life, there are only possibilities and opportunities, to convert into success.

I’ve always said since my tween years that there are no guarantees on the next second of life. I used to say that freely, but only after going through challenges in life do I realize the truth.

It’s true, we only have opportunities to make our life better and successful. I believe these possibilities arise from having hope when you wake up every morning.

Hope that turns into a promise to the self that I will do my best to turn every chance into success. Yes, the “trying” may not always be fruitful but our efforts are essential for any type of real success or progress.

Hope and wish every morning for the best, but be ready to also do your best, to eventually have and become the best.


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