Rise with purpose!

Sometimes we don’t rise when we have the chance, we keep waiting for the right opportunity to act but then that chance just passes us by. I feel that if we put our efforts in all of the time, regardless, whether the opportunity is there or not then we will “rise with purpose”.

We may not know the purpose when we are trying, but somehow it magically becomes clear when we keep on striving with hope and eventually, “purpose”.

Life is so unpredictable, we must not take it for granted. It’s so easy to get lackadaisical in our comfort zone and miss the chance we have Today, to make a difference in our lives.

Some of us may not be in the state to rise, but at least if we try to feel and stay positive then the blessings of progress start manifesting.

I say don’t wait to rise just keep on trying every day without knowing what will happen but have trust that your efforts won’t be wasted, and that you will eventually “rise with purpose.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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