Perception of Equality – Non-Judgement!

I was watching a video I received on my phone and I had a glimpse of a thought…why should I look at a male or female in different ways.

Meaning, why do some men look at women with a different eye and perhaps with the intent of earnestly getting to know the real “her” even platonically versus when men deal with other men, it might be a quicker more casual talk – with less depth. That may just be men in general but it’s interesting how we deal with the opposite sex in different ways.

Granted, everyone Is different, I just think that it would be nice to look at all people without judgment, and to look at them simply as who they are.

I try to give the same depth of care with whoever I deal with but it’s not always a two way street. That is why we all deal with people the way we want even sometimes without expecting anything in return.

That’s the type of way of dealing with people I strive for which roots from my perspective…where I’m giving non-judgmental equal attention and sincerity to all alike.

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