Attitude of gratitude!

Today, my two little boys and wife came back from visiting my mother and father in law. It seemed as if ages had passed by since I had spent quality time with them. It was a revelation to “live for”!

My 8 year old had made several cards for me, saying “I love you! I missed you and you’re the best Papa ever!” This expression of his, tickled my heart to the ethereal depths of my soul.

Obviously, my four year old can’t write yet, but he participated, and his caring elder brother made a card for him as well.

My little one fell asleep, but my elder one and I played soccer. My wife and I were extremely elated to see each other after so long and it was a reunion of the love and life that we share as one entity.

The “attitude of gratitude” is first acknowledging to myself that I am grateful for what I have: a lovely wife and 2 boys who are so affectionate, unconditionally loving, full of life and smiles.

It is the realization that they are truly my vitality and that they are a major reason I feel deeply and passionately about what I have in this life.

Although, when they were gone I was so caught up in myself that I simply forgot my blessings. I had forgotten that I have all my soulmates that depend on me, that I am responsible for.

When they came back my life changed again, they made me become the Father and Husband that I am meant to be. The role model that I try my best to be. The one who has unconditional love for all of them.

It’s the “attitude of gratitude” that reminds me that I have this family to live with and to who I am indebted to for giving me these precious experiences of life.

May we all strive to recognize what we have hidden right under our nose by having a positive attitude that longs for gratitude.

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