Faith follows Faith!

When we keep the faith in our hearts, we always come out on top! Faith tends to attract more faith, when we have it in our hearts it shows in our physical expression in the form of a smile, a certain look in our eyes or even the way we walk.

Others including ourselves start to see that positivity in us, it pervades our being and no doubt has space to take its place.

We start trusting the source of our faith and that trust builds confidence in whatever that source of faith might be. We allow ourselves to feel fully secure in the path we’re treading. We start doing the right things that lead us towards progress in whatever our goals are.

This simple existence of faith can exude the very best of our beings. It can become contagious and so the persona starts evolving towards its best self.

So let Faith breed Faith, not only within but also let it show up in your expressions and spread on the outside too. Laugh with your heart, give with love and pray with faith. Let the most impossible become possible.

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