An apology is not enough sometimes…you have to fix your mistakes!

There are few people in our society who try to fix their mistakes instead of just apologizing. When we make a mistake that can be fixed we should try our best to fix it.

Mistakes happen by all of us, but how we handle and rectify them depends on the kind of person we are and what type of mistake it was.

Our response to situations where we have hurt someone deliberately, or may have told a loved one a lie or even cheated someone. All of these are types of mistakes that can be fixed.

A huge part about fixing them is how we react within when we make that mistake.

Are we strong enough to accept our fault? Or do we just forget about it and move on? Or do we accept our fault and fix the pain, the lie or cheating someone? Are we strong enough inside to rectify our actions?

I believe we all have the strength if we would just have the proper mindset to think twice before taking an action and to react internally in a way where there is an auto-mechanism that says “stop” I’ve done something wrong and I am going to fix it.

Most of it has to do with the way we think and the way we react, at least this is what I’ve learned in life through my own mistakes.

I hope we can fix our accidents by having the proper mindset and a reaction that is determined to do the right thing.

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