Freedom from the light?

Last night I reached home and the power was out, it was a struggle as my family and I had to stay somewhere else.

This incident made me realize that no matter what, the freedom from the light was impossible. Did I even want that type of freedom ever?

I’ve learned that this artificial light and power is a reminder of the power and light that surrounds us as human beings from the inside and out. We can never have freedom from the light, and nor do I personally ever want that.

This divine light I’ve heard, goes every where with you and stays with you always and forever. The light that illuminates our homes, our lives, our plants and our souls is something that is actually the freedom itself!

It is the very existence of our being. If the sun didn’t rise every day then none of us wouldn’t even be alive. The sun is just one example of light, which happens to be the brightest and strongest source of light for mankind. It powers our lives but most importantly it’s our perception of whether we take this “light” for granted or value it like we do our vitality.

I learned last night that I take the charge that lights up my home for granted, I would just assume it would be working as always, but it wasn’t. When we value the things we have, then our own value expands just like the ubiquitous sky.

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