One with God!

I was walking in the hallway at my sister’s home.  At the front of her home is an idol of Ganesha, the Indian God who removes obstacles and gives new beginnings.  

I touched the very bottom of the idol and realized that God’s idol is just a reminder that God exists in our life.  

I then realized God is within me and I am already close to him in spirit.  

Touching his idol just gives me an internal feeling of comfort that God has a form, shape or image I can view, and promotes this sensory feeling that lightens my heart.  

God can become even more closer to me through the realization that the Almighty is living within me.  

There is nothing to fear if we’re already one with God.  The idol does help put a face with the feeling but the Almighty within gives me a sense of confidence, faith and drains my doubts away in the black hole of fear.  

If we tread ahead with hope, trust and love then God is surely to expand throughout our lives and beings. 

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