We all were once children!

I realized today that all of us were once children, we have all had faults, have had our own joys and sorrows and experiences.

We all grow up to develop into adolescence, young adulthood then adulthood. Life is such, that it continues to evolve with us and we continue to evolve with it. We go through iterations and more iterations of ourselves as we grow throughout life.

I am trying my hardest to remember my childhood and then to look at the child in every person I see or meet. When we look at ourselves and people from that view, our perception of the self and others becomes less harsh. We don’t get so hard on ourselves when we realize the child within us, who is ever so innocent and pure.

I believe we should definitely try to look for the best in others, it’s not always easy but with the right lenses it’s possible.

When the child in us starts to come alive again then we become livelier as well. When I think of my childhood, I remember a trip to Vancouver for Exposition 86′ with my family. It was one of the most treasured memories and I try to give myself the same love that my mother gave me as a child.

It gives me a sense of comfort that spreads throughout my body, mind, heart and soul. We don’t always need to be out of our comfort zone, I feel that when we are more in tune with our comforts and don’t become complacent then we are closer to the purity of our younger years.

It’s a different kind of comfort zone that allows for self care and makes us more confident to deal with the situations that might in fact be out of our comfort zone.

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