Transform my being!

I have been looking for transformation for a long time.  It hasn’t come in full form yet because maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough or maybe it just wasn’t time yet. 

Many of us these days, talk about transformation and wanting to be the best version of ourselves however, I’ve realized it doesn’t come easy, it takes a lot of time, effort and love.  I wish it was easy as just snapping your fingers but it’s not. 

I’ve noticed that I have to learn from my past mistakes and not repeat them again in order to be a better person. This is one simple thing my dear Father used to tell me when I would do something wrong.  I have started learning that now, about 20 years later. 

I was different then and different now, so yes I’ve changed but I believe the best is still hiding in me.  It’s that desire to be better but, I’ve realized that no one is perfect we all have our flaws. 

I still feel that we all should strive to be our best without having the expectation of perfection.  We should look to be our best in the present phase of life that we are living in as tomorrow always brings up new situations.  

So yes, I have transformed even in the past six months but now I’m not hard on myself for not yet being the best version of myself. I’ve heard that patience with self is confidence and that’s what I feel is the first step to the progress that we strive for.

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