Optimism free’s me!

I looked up the official meaning of optimism, it’s “the belief that goodness pervades reality.”  So to me optimism is looking at the bright side and believing that tomorrow can be better than today. 

I’m so grateful to have a guide in my life who brings me the optimism I need daily.  I’ve felt that this positive belief in my life can improve my outlook towards life and it’s challenges. 

Faith in the self and the almighty is one of the components of optimism.  I believe that being able to look on the bright side even during the very toughest of times no matter how hard it may seem, can actually pour out the optimism from the internal perspective of life. 

We don’t know what tomorrow will bring but we can have hope, faith and efforts to put us in the right direction.  I’ve learned that in order to be moving in the right direction we first need to be having a positive mindset which is the bridge to optimism, this setting of the heart and mind I believe can take anyone to new levels of happiness. 

I’ve learned that the trick towards optimism is definitely the mindset and the way we look at life and especially during life’s challenging situations and adversity. 

Live and give is the outlook I’ve learned to have from my struggles of life, I strive to help myself, help my family and help others. 

Most of all the happiness I get is from the love that the optimistic perception creates. 

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