God is great!

Although, I’ve never seen God I have experienced his grace in my life.  My life has been filled with many ups and downs but I have survived through it all so far. 

I have made many mistakes but have also committed to learning from them.  I feel that God is omnipresent and I definitely don’t know enough about him to be an expert but I do know that I have his grace within me through my heart filled with love and gratitude for this existence. 

I’m so grateful for the God that is within me, now that I have realized his grace.  There are many possibilities in life but one that I am grateful to God is for God’s presence itself.

I’m so ever grateful for this experience of life, which has brought me to many revelations.  I’m grateful for this humanity as we are all connected in some way, I pray for the progress of humanity so that our lives and the lives of our children will be better one day. 

Yes, it’s idealistic but definitely possible with God’s grace.  I believe that the Higher Power is always there for us unconditionally and God can give us the best if we believe the best in our very own selves.  

I pray God gives us all more wisdom, love and compassion.

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