I’ve tried to start looking at my family as people instead of taking them for granted!

Since childhood I’ve taken my parents and my family for granted.  I started taking the love my mother gives me and overlooking it, it wasn’t right. 

I suppose it was fine when I was a child but I had to stop it.  I had to make it right for her, I had to start looking at her as a person rather than just a mother. 

She has always been my strength and love.  Family are all people just like me. They have feelings, emotions, love and desires as well. 

I have started to look at my family as people, with the same love and respect I would give my friends. 

My family is the best, they have given me everything that I could ever dream of.  I love them unconditionally and hope that I can give them the very best of love, gratitude, affection, smiles and happiness always! 

This family is my heart they are the backbone of me.  I pray I’m able to give them my all, always!

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