Trust can be a big component of how we live our lives.  It also depends on who we trust when it comes down to confusing situations, thoughts or feelings.

I believe the most important trust to have first is the trust from within ourselves even during the most confounding times. 

Trust in God or the higher power is always there for many of us but I think the trust from within is actually the sign of God shining in our hearts. 

I believe that God is always there through happiness, sadness and confusions.  The trust we have with ourselves should be a bond that is the strongest one that could ever be formed because I believe that God resides in us as well, so we could be doing an injustice by not trusting ourselves. 

This trust takes patience, emotions, confidence and love.  When this trust is so solid like the wind that it can’t be broken then the trust within becomes ubiquitous to the being within. I believe this includes the mind, heart and soul. 

Confusions do come but when we trust our inner self or our gut then the confusion becomes less either immediately or over time.  I hope I am able to keep the trust within “unbreakable” like the wind.

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