“Do not count what u have lost.. Just see what u have now, because the past never comes back but sometimes the future can give you back your lost things…”

I received this beautiful quote from my family in India.  I have personally fell in love with this quote. 

This inspirational statement has truly made me realize that whatever has past is gone so I should not delve on it and use my precious time to think or wonder “what if this happened or what if that happened.”  

I now believe that my past has happened just to teach me the ultimate happiness in the present and future.  I’m learning that ultimate happiness is nothing but love and love is nothing but giving.  I hope that our humanity improves its state of mind, state of feeling and state of being. 

If we would all just do are own due diligence right now then our tomorrows would automatically become our dream come true.  I know this is idealistic but I believe anything is possible. 

I often used to spend time thinking about the past but since I have realized the only way I can improve myself is by paving the pathway during my present. I strive to live for the “now” and not for the yesterday or tomorrow because I’m a strong believer that if we make our “now” good our “tomorrow” will blossom. 

God is so kind to have given us this life.  I hope I’m able to use it most effectively now that I have been starting to put this notion into action.  Thinking of the future or reliving the past in our minds doesn’t help, it is the moment at hand that can make you spread your wings and believe that the best is yet to come. 

When I give to myself without expectation, I feel so grateful that I don’t put any stipulations on myself. I feel like I’m doing my best with what I have, I feel that this moment to pave the path is one of the biggest blessings I could receive.

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