The person who doesn’t give up regardless of how many problems they have..until they reach their destination or destiny is successful in their own eyes!

If you don’t try in life, you will never know what could be!  Many of us go through ups and downs…and sometimes lose hope, faith or even our drive to try. 

Through many experiences I have learned that whatever problems we may have, we must never give up until we are successful in our own eyes, or until our last breath. 

Life throws curve balls at you but we have to know which ones to hit out of the ball park and which ones we allow to be a “ball” that passes by.  

We must keep on trying and have perseverance. Life is something we keep on learning from and if we are aware or have the right intentions, we will learn until our last breath…because this life is ever changing and “impermanence is the only permanence.”  

If we understand that life will continue to change along with our ever changing efforts then life starts becoming easy. 

We find beauty in the smallest things, because our mindset is to “try our hardest and not give up”, we have a moralistic intention that lifts us up through adversity and also keeps us on the ground during success. 

Success is between “you” and “you” not because someone else says you’re doing good, it has to come from within to feel the blessing of success in our own eyes. 

When it does come and we learn how to maintain our efforts with changes of time by keeping the right intentions then life truly gets to be a bigger blessing than it already is!



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