Give without expectation daily from your heart!

Many many years ago, my guide told me to give without expectations.  I never really started trying practicing it until recently, I feel that this is a quality that is found naturally in some people. 

I believe my parents are like that, they are very gentle, loving, kind-hearted and giving people.  I wish that I had learned more from my family in my childhood but, better late than never. 

My guide once told me, that “love is nothing but giving.”  I believe this is very true!

I’ve learned this from my wife as well, she gives her love through her actions and helps me out in so many little ways. 

I’m grateful to have loved ones who care and give so much.  I’ve learned that this “giving” is not innate but has to be acquired by some of us and then made into a habit. 

Giving can free you from troubles and worries by taking the attention off yourself and onto helping others.  Shifting your focus to positive actions versus unrelenting thoughts about your life. 

This world doesn’t bend to me but sometimes we must bend to the world.  When we give love, or do things for others it gives us a good feeling from inside. 

It could be something as small as doing the dishes, or helping with the vacuuming.  Life is about finding small ways to help others around you, may they be your family, friends or colleagues. 

It’s a trait that can put a smile on your face as well as somebody else’s face too!

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