Charity is clarity!

I once saw a charitable man giving $5 out to every child at the temple. I thought what a generous way to put a smile on children’s faces.  

Although, I also thought if we could give our children memorable experiences then it would be of more benefit to them in the long run. 

However, I understand some of us don’t have time and some of us don’t have money but taking the right actions can give us more clarity in our heart and mind.  

Money is not everything, I’ve learned, the true gifts of God are peace, joy, giving to others and satisfaction in the soul.  I have never tithed but I believe that when we do good things, and give to others whatever we may have internally or externally it gives us a sense of clarity inside our hearts!

We can start reading the book of life, with the right lenses and free ourselves from any negativity of our past and any of the future that may come. 

So give and live with faith and hope, enhance your clarity with charity!


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