The chattering mind of which I have no control over!

The chattering mind is one that to me never stops, especially in today’s hectic day and age, unless we proactively do something about it.  I feel that emotions and thoughts are all a very deep part of our psyche which tends to encompass the positive and negative elements of thought and emotion.    These thoughts and emotions are ones that many of us in today’s ever so busy world are inundated with.  We can’t get out of our heads!  Either we have to do something for the spouse, or for the office or for the children or family or for friends and the list goes on.  Many of us have a lot on our plate, yes some of us delegate but in the end we are the ones responsible for our responsibilities.  I even sometimes feel that negative thoughts or energy should not be sent out to our loved ones, either via energy or the physical body language that the thought or emotion creates.  It’s a vicious cycle that we must tread through to find peace and ultimately success in our lives.  Many times the mind controls us and we’re not able to make it silents, it has the power.  Only through the power of chanting/meditation have I been able to get to where I am today.  I presume that the constant chattering is the case with many other people in this busy world.  I believe it’s something for us to be aware about and also it should be a priority to stop the chatter when we want and to find tools to make that chatter stop.

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