I was praying in my sister’s temple/mandir last night and I saw a little art piece that said the words HOPE. It made me think of HOPE, which literally means the “feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.” I thought doesn’t the world live on hope, without knowing what tomorrow will bring. Don’t people and companies thrive on forecasts of their lives or businesses. Meaning aren’t goals a part of this beautiful meaning of hope. Yes, we all desire for the best outcomes and believe that we can acquire what we want…may it be personal or business but sometimes what we forget about is putting our sincerest efforts behind the blessings that the fruition of HOPE can bring.

So I thought of 4 words that could supplement this beautiful element called HOPE that resides deep within each one of us. First H for heaven, don’t we all pray that we will go up to heaven one day or at least try to have a heavenly life while here on earth. It is possible that if we add hope to heaven on earth to get “O” optimistic results in our daily life then heaven, hope and optimism come alive. We have to break down meanings and give these words our own meaning sometimes, because honestly we have to individually relate to them. With optimism or a positive outlook on life we tend to bring out brighter results in ourselves and the efforts we put forth every day of life. If we have hope, that correlates to heaven and optimism then “P” peace is eventually created. This peace is the all pervading entity that brings us the fruits of Hope, it can completely change our lives for good. Then “E” equanimity mixed in with all these elements brings into our beings, true mental calmness and composure. These definitions that I mused on can enhance your life and create a greater meaning of this feeling called HOPE.

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