If God is there for us no matter what we do or think, then why would we be compelled to do good or do bad…do you believe in 2nd chances and karma?

The Guru Ji’s Guru Ji says that “God is everywhere.”  I don’t know enough about God but have only experienced his grace.  I was once told by my guide that God is unconditionally there for you, and is with you no matter what you do or think.  This definitely made me think. So I asked myself, if I believe in 2nd chances or Karma and the answer was “Yes.”  I analyzed the guidance a bit and realized that yes God may be with us no matter what, but does that satisfy my spirit?  The answer was “No” it doesn’t help me to do bad things or think bad things.  If we could focus on the fact that doing good for the self, family and others only brings out the very best in ourselves then life may be a better.  Many of us go astray, getting confounded in time but many of us are progressive, don’t worry about the future and continue moving forward in “actions”.  I believe that God does give second chances and I do believe in karma, so every breath we take could be the 2nd chance we are looking for, it’s right under our nose, instead of missing it we just have to sniff it out.  Giving yourself positivity creates confidence and also good karma.  I believe that God wants you to progress positively in every possible way and do your own good deeds, not just live because you’re here but to live with a purpose!  God gives us so many 2nd chances and opportunities to do good karma we just have to realize them, imbibe them, and most of all take action on them! When we do this great feat, good karma and 2nd chances are ours for the taking!

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