Separating myself from myself!

Sometimes I strive to become an expert in my field or in my own passions/hobbies.  I have even become so enveloped in my endeavors that I’ve lost sight of the goal. 

The goal is to be happy, relaxed and enjoy life to it’s best!  I have dreams and aspirations but I have had to learn and still learn to conquer myself, and not become so caught up in life, work, struggles that the goal is lost. 

In order to give myself the very best that life has to offer, I have to step aside from myself and look into myself from an external perspective and assess how I’m doing from time to time. 

Life gets so busy that I forget to give myself the assessment of where I am and where I want to go. 

So in order to keep track of this I am trying to start giving myself a quarterly assessment of where I am with my personal goals. 

I think this new action will help me to separate myself from myself just to veer inwards and ensure that I’m alway moving forward on the right track!




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