Enhance myself!

Change for the self is necessary, I believe that if I can enhance my self mentally, emotionally, spiritually then the changes or improvements I want to make in life are possible! 

Time is never constant, it always keeps on changing our circumstances, mindset and also our behaviors.  I believe it’s important for me to enhance my self, periodically as life gets better. 

If we take time to look inside and introspect for a minute, we will find the beauties of the world deep inside ourselves. 

I don’t believe there is an end to enhancing yourself, because time keeps on changing us so we have to move forward with the times to become the best self we can be during that time in our lives. 

For example, I’m now a Father and I would like to play with my children more often before they grow up.  I want to take time to be my best for myself and for them so that they have good experiences and memories.

It’s an ongoing effort but it’s possible to be happy most of the time if we fix our hearts and mind to them and make the goal one. 

I love my children, myself and my family and hope I can give them the love they deserve always.

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