Knowledge is power – why is ignorance bliss?

I read a WhatsApp message the other day, it said that sometimes Knowledge fails us but Behavior can handle everything. 

This made me realize that sometimes even if we don’t know something it’s okay as long as our behaviors our in line with our beliefs. 

I’ve learned that sometimes it’s better not to know certain things because it can give you peace of mind and maybe even save you from an unnecessary worry. 

I used to be so caught up with wanting to KNOW everything or have knowledge but as I grew older I’ve learned to let go and be happy with whatever I know and whatever I feel. 

In certain situations, we have the curiosity to know an outcome or want to know how to do something or want to know about the new sale your friend is talking about. 

I suppose being too curious isn’t always good from what I’ve learned but controlling your behavior based on what your beliefs/morals are can make life become great! 

For me, I’ve decided that I want to become slower in my reactions and take more time to enjoy life for what it truly is rather than always being in a rush to make something happen, or achieve a deadline. 

I think my main goal is to simply help anyone I can (including myself) with whatever I’ve experienced in this book of life. 

I’m glad that God has kept me away from the things I don’t need to know, so I’m proud to have some knowledge and proud to be somewhat ignorant.  I think it’s a good balance when you realize what truly matters in life, like family, friends, passions/hobbies, nature etc. 

Life is beautiful when you come to that ultimate truth without expecting anything in return.

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