Don’t react just act!

Reactions are such a huge part of our individual personality’s it truly can make or break our lives!  As my guide once told me, it depends on if you’re collected, calm, focused and concentrated among the troubles we face daily in life.  For example, reacting by yelling at our kids.  Ever since I became a Father I know it’s one of the easiest reactions for a parent/spouse to have.  How do we start controlling our reactions and just taking the right actions?  It’s not easy to change old habits, but it is definitely possible with the right changes in your behavior. When we are transparent with ourselves it becomes easier to understand our individual trigger points.  I’ve learned this the hard way through my experiences.  Although, I’ve also learned that we can change with the right intention and actions instead of just being reactionary.  It’s one of the most common behaviors in teenagers.  I remember when I was a young teen, I would often react negatively when my Mom would be after me to do something.  From a young age, we learn what is right and what is wrong.  We have to change our mindset internally over time and through experiences to get rid of our negative reactions and put into action more positivity! If we put our heart and mind to it, it is possible!

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