Have faith that what happens, happens for the best!

Is it easy to trust the known God to the unknown future? It’s true that not everyone has a life that’s like a walk in park but at least with faith, hope and efforts, the walk can actually become easier! I recently talked about not getting attached to outcomes, but rather focusing on expecting the best from ourselves. If we have faith in a higher power of some sort, it gives us comfort and hope that everything will be okay. I truly believe that there are no guarantees on the next second of life, we are at the movie called “life” today and are gone to heaven tomorrow. This is a difficult outcome to have but what about the opposite….what about the stories of the person who came out of no where and helped the people around him, let’s say he was homeless one day and the next year he became a millionaire. Sometimes it’s called luck/destiny/karma but other times it’s simple hard work/faith/perseverance…either way we get to our destination. The path or even the final outcome of life can be different based on our deeds or misdeeds but the path we choose through our choices makes us stronger, more content and even breeds a conviction within us that we are giving life it’s very best and are not giving up regardless of the challenges we might face. Sometimes God has mysterious ways of teaching us, helping us or most of all showing us his blessings. Sometimes a loved one gets cancer or gets killed but look at the flip side, what if that person was never even born as a human or didn’t have any existence at all or connection with you at all…I’ve learned to be grateful for what I have and cherish for however long I can. So what happens, happens for the best we just have to believe that Gods ways are there to help us progress not the opposite.

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