Be like Rasam …concentrated and strong!

So Rasam is a strong and concentrated South Indian gravy or soup. I was having dinner with my cousin sister and brother in law (Jijaji) the other day and we were eating South Indian food….somehow the topic of Rasam came up as we were talking about another restaurant that we had been at previously and I said the “Rasam at Udipi is really strong and can make your throat scratchy.” Then my sister said, “Yes, Rasam is very strong and concentrated.” This made me think why are some of us stubborn without being flexible…why are we too inexorable? I came up with this conclusion by realizing how I want to be like “Rasam”, very strong and concentrated but also a liquid which can seep through any difficulty by being adaptable. This beautiful soup has such wonderful attributes, if we let it nourish us with the intention to become like it, we can also imbibe its qualities…it’s all about the way we believe ourselves to be getting nourished or even realize the fact that we are being nourished when we eat…instead of just satiating our hunger. I wish this dish could come to life, it may not come to life in reality, but it can help give me life…life in the way I want it. So why not nourish ourselves in the way we want to be in mentality, physicality and emotionality. Like they say, “you are what you eat.” I believe this but I’ve also learned it’s also about the state of mind we are in while drinking or eating food to give ourselves nutrients. So we all can taste good, have some salt, some spice, a little strength, a bit of concentration and lots of liquidity that makes us the overall package and dish to be served on a platter to all beings surrounding us. Let’s all enjoy the Rasam and also make it a “Rasam”…so there is another definition of Rasam in Hindi it means “ritual”. So I promise myself to strive to make it a “Rasam” to become like “Rasam” or the food/drinks I ingest so that it helps me to be the best version of myself.

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