Getting attached to the external expectation of the future outcome while still expecting from yourself!

What’s the difference between having external/internal expectations and being a believer of a certain type…with or without attachment?

Well, I suppose it first Depends on the way you look at things and how you perceive certain terminology. Let me begin by saying that I mean external expectation is when we expect certain outcomes from people, situations or God…versus, internal expectations to be when we expect or have hopes from ourselves within as well as having a faith that doesn’t depict the outcome, which is also based on the effort we give out to fulfill our certain wish.

To some being a “believer” could be someone who has absolute unshakable faith, confidence and trust in a certain external blessing from above, or change of direction that God or their own efforts is going to manifest…they have the utmost external expectation that a certain situation or problem must turn out for the better or for what they are hoping for that situation’s outcome or result to be, this is being attached to a certain result, outcome or wish regardless of the “real end result”.

This type of believer often ends up with sorrow as they are often living in tomorrow, they are almost dependent on the wish they have, they want something so bad it may not matter the consequences of getting it.

Although, later they may suffer if their wish didn’t turn out exactly the way they had imagined because of the mindset they had when they were relying on something or someone other than themselves…yes, some people call this surrender to God or the higher power but I feel that if we internally get attached to the outcome of the potential future then we are doing injustice to God by almost making God the bad guy if things don’t work out the way we had wanted or planned. Then we suffer more because our wish or desire got left unfulfilled and our world may be over as “we” know it, so our belief in God or the Higher power or ourselves or others can decrease or diminish…we sometimes repent later asking ourselves or God “why did I do this, or why did this happen this way?” So this type of “believer” relies on their external expectations from God, people or situations along with strong Hope from within.

A believer can also be someone who just has faith without the “external expectation” of the outcome, or trust that whatever their actions/efforts and Gods will results in is for the best in their life situation and they accept the outcome of that situation, no matter how strong they hoped/internally expected from themselves. They have internal expectations from themselves or have hope but they don’t get attached to the result, situations or people that may weave their way into ruining the result of their heartfelt wish/desire. So it goes two ways either you have the factor of hope, effort and external expectation (God, other people, situations) that a certain outcome must turn out in sync with your beliefs, faith, efforts and precious desire.

Or either you can simply have hope, faith and internal expectation of your own efforts and surrender to the Almighty God’s result of that wish/desire without expectation of what the outcome will can trust that what happens while you’re giving it your best effort is for the best…so you expect/Hope from within but don’t get attached to the result regardless of the consequences or outcome.

This is not easy at all but this takes a deep amount of self love, faith in the Almighty and free will to chose the path you will tread with confidence and be the believer you want to be.

The internal expectation of the future is so easy to get caught up in and attached to, from when we have high hopes/internal expectations from ourselves due to a certain possibility that we try our hardest for but still have faith that the outcome will be based on whatever is right for us, we choose our path with confidence without worrying about the consequences which I’ve learned is called “free will”.

So this choice of being what kind of believer we want to be with external expectation of the outcome we must have or are attached to Or the believer that has external expectation without being attached to the result or consequences and choose to move forward without repentance but with confidence from within and for what lies outside their being (situations, other people etc). Both believers have expectations from God or the Higher power but one is hopeful and attached and the other is determined yet detached.

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