I’m proud to be a human!

It first started with Ancient civilization where humans and their environment drastically evolved over several thousands of years. We then became territories, then states, then countries. We evolved as a species. This made me think the other day that I’m proud to be where I’m from “India” but then I thought a little deeper what if several thousand years from now this country wasn’t there or any other country for that matter…what if there was a catastrophe or just a merging of countries…would this beautiful culture, teachings and experiences of “India’s history” be alive still? Then I realized that if it’s lasted this long it should be there in the future too or at least an iteration of it. This would be the case for all countries and since I believe in re-birth this lasting culture for each country would be there in the future as well. Hence, “I’m proud to be part of a culture in this human “race”…where we all will thrive in one form or another, in some culture of humanity or the other, in some form of God or the other, in some form of being or the other. “I’m proud to be part of this species.

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