Don’t just have faith but show faith!

Most of the time many of us have faith inside our hearts and heads but sometimes life throws us some curve balls and all of a sudden faith goes missing. Faith officially means confidence or trust in a person or thing. Today I felt faith, by showing faith…by walking with faith outside in my backyard, I was praying aloud in a synchronized voice while walking and looking up at the sky feeling the blessings from God. It was truly an amazing experience to feel his presence, the omnipresence around my being from the vast sky, to feel the passion in my heart with which I paraded along and sang the universal Maha Mantra “Navkar Mantra”. My family and I are so blessed to have had the blessings and guidance of our Jain Gurus who have always been looking over us, the Arihanta’s who have graced our lives. It is with this religion and with the relationship I have re-established with God (perhaps never really disappeared) I feel so grateful to have been brought up with these teachings, these Gurus and the Arihanta or Jina that has blessed our lives, with love, wisdom, passion, compassion and faith…it’s the unspeakable gratitude I have for our Guru in my life, he is not only mine but the worlds as well. Unknowingly today, I showed faith and trust in God and received unspoken blessings that were felt deep within my heart. Thank you God for the world and realm you have placed me in…in order to learn and progress.

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